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How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruitment Agency

Honesty is the best policy


As a candidate being honest about what you want and expect from a job is made easier by having a third party to ‘sound out’ your expectations. This will give you the opportunity to find out if these are realistic and feasible without potentially ruining opportunities. If you are using a specialist agency, they will be extremely experienced in the industry and be able to offer vital advice. It is great for candidates to be focussed and have a good idea of what they want and this enables agencies to match them with the right employers for them. It is also important that they are realistic and ensure that they have the relevant skills and experience that the role requires and a good agency will be able to advise where and if there is any flexibility on this. Communication with your agency is key and ensuring that you are available to pick up and answer messages, either by phone or email, as promptly as possible will ensure that you don’t miss out on potential opportunities. If you are flexible and reliable, your recruitment agency is much more likely to be proactive on your behalf. If you are unsure of anything it is always best to ask and if you are worried about any particular aspect of the job or remuneration package it is always good to raise this with your agency at the earliest possible opportunity. Always let your agency know about other opportunities you are exploring as a good agency should offer impartial advice and be more focussed on creating long term partnerships than the quick win. They should therefore hopefully have your interests at heart and give you the information and benefit of their experience to allow you to make the right choice for you.

Keep your agency informed of any changes



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Working In the Book Trade: The Business of Selling Books

你知道英国是世界上最大的前女友porter of books? Publishing is a large and growing industry and the total number of books published in the UK last year was 173,000. Publishing businesses in the UK alone have a collective annual turnover of £6 billion, making the UK the fifth biggest market in the world after the US, China, Germany, and Japan. On average, the UK publishing industry employs 30,000 people directly and roughly 70,000 people indirectly spread across over 8,000 publishers. Publishing is now a multimedia business and last year digital books accounted 15% of the 360,000,000 physical and eBooks sold. Ebook sales have dropped a little in recent years from 17% to 15%, perhaps because they are being rapidly displaced by digital audio books! These figures give you an idea of the size and importance of the publishing industry.

早些时候在本月早些时候,从阿特伍德·泰特帕迪萨巴赫里被邀请回到她的格林威治大学,参加他们举行的活动,以便在书籍贸易中讨论:销售书籍的业务。扬声器小组包括Bonnier,佩德尔·曼恩,哈哈特利首席执行官的首席执行官,David Shelley和Blackwell的书店Trevor Goul-Wheeker前主席。出版中的这些领先的人物和书籍贸易分享了他们的经验和旅程,向出版,向观众中的人提供建议,寻求这样做。德赢沙巴体育我们了解我们的许多追随者在出版职业生涯中有抱负出版专业人士或仍然年轻人,所以想要与您分享他们的见解。

CEO of Hachette David Shelley was first up in telling the audience about how he entered the industry. David’s parents owned a second-hand bookshop, so he was exposed to the sales side of publishing from an early age. He began his career as an Editorial Assistant for Alison and Busby (a well-established small publisher). He kept the company running for 5 years and encompassed problems along the way, such as the book distributor going bust and relocating the office near to Brixton near to where he lived. The owner of Little, Brown asked David if he would consider buying a few books a year as an Editor and he joined the company, which eventually led to his promotion to Publisher, then Head of Division, and finally to his current role running Hachette UK!

Hachette publishes 5,000 books every year and has a staff of 18,000. David explained that the editorial departments receive 1,000 applications for every editorial assistant job, whereas the sales team often only receive around three direct applications. He emphasised the importance of exploring different sectors; foreign rights professionals get to read, travel and correspond with authors whereas, production departments, whilst equally driven and creative focus more on the people and processes in the background. David also advised that publishers are looking for people who are keen to work in finance, also stating that the first two to three years of entering the industry is all about grafting your way through. It is necessary to differentiate yourself from others, don’t rely on just the contacts you have. Don’t be afraid to be bold and fearless in your first year, don’t undersell yourself, and be proud and show off your achievements. People love to mentor younger people, so offer to have coffee with them to show your passion and interest!

His tips for a good cover letter are:

  • 查找您的目标出版商正在发布和研究其遗产的书籍
  • Brilliant quality writing – this is a reflection of how well you can communicate
  • 谈谈你最喜欢的作家,他们在做什么?
  • 思考和体贴
  • Don’t follow the rules strictly, break rules and disagree!

Bonnier is the sixth largest publishing company in the UK and its CEO Perminder Mann also talked about her experience in the publishing industry. Growing up, she spent much of her time reading, making sure to build up her English vocabulary. She spent time interning and eventually had an interview with Macmillan for a role in its in Special Sales department. She was offered the job, which she explained was quite challenging, but she used the opportunity to gain as much knowledge as she could. Perminder was then promoted in sales and travelled throughout the UK to meet buyers. Later she moved to Transworld (now part of Penguin Random House) as an entrepreneur in a five person team, and faced the problem of not having as much contact or support, constantly having to juggle between having a career and being a mother. She survived that and then moved into children’s publishing, but was travelling too much and decided to move out of publishing altogether. Publishing isn’t quite like any other industry, though, and she ended up returning when she was offered a position at Bonnier.

Perminder talked about how at Bonnier you don’t have to choose between a career and family, as you can work flexibly she has put benefits in place such as a good a maternity policy. This is something that Perminder is extremely passionate about given her own experience throughout her career and she is now in the middle of improving paternity pay and continuing to champion equality.

Finally, the ex-chairman of Blackwell’s Bookshop Trevor Goul-Wheeker took to the floor to explain how he fell in love with the publishing industry. Trevor started off as a bookseller and fell in love with the book trade, partly because of the people involved in it. Blackwell’s is a well-known book retailer, but as the digital publishing industry gradually took over, Blackwell’s was forced to start closing stores and were closing 16 high street shops every day. Currently, the UK bookshops account for 41% of books sold with ecommerce accounting for 35% of book sales. However, Trevor stated that bookshop recommendations are still the number one influencer when people are choosing which book to buy. He believes that bookshops still offer customer engagement and a valued experience and that bookselling and publishing go hand in hand.



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details of the refer a friend programme

Did you know that if you referred a friend, you could receive £200 in vouchers?


T.erms & Conditions

  1. 候选人必须在他们的申请中引用给我们。或者如果您转发我们的详细信息,则必须提及空缺标题和参考编号。
  2. 只有目前没有atwood attate注册的候选人可能会被考虑。
  3. T.he offer will only apply to the role they are recommended for and not if they are placed within a different role at a later date.
  4. Payment will be made once the referred candidate has completed a period of three months in the role. We will contact you to confirm this and get details to supply your vouchers.


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We are delighted to announce that we have two new team members! The team is very excited to welcome back Catherine Roney, (after some time out) Cat will be working on permanent roles in London and the Home Counties. The fabulous Novia Kingshott will be supporting Kellie Millar on the Temps/Freelancers desk as a Senior Publishing Recruitment Consultant.


Catherine first joined Atwood Tate after working for Octopus Publishing Group as an International Sales Executive. Responsible for selling International rights as well as supporting the International Sales team, Catherine has a keen understanding of the publishing industry. Originally from Western Australia and with a love of all things book-related, Catherine is excited to re-join the team after taking an extended maternity leave.

Catherine’s s focus at Atwood Tate will be in Marketing, Publicity, Product Management and Customer Service, covering all sectors in London, the Home Counties and East Anglia.

catherineroney@德赢官网atwoodtate.co.uk.0203 574 4429.

Novia Kingshott

T.hroughout her recruitment career, Novia has focused solely on temps as she loves the fast paced and urgency the temps recruitment process requires. Novia is very experienced in placing top notch candidates within healthcare, medical, government and legal fields. With a passion for publishing, Novia is looking forward to offering her 5 star customer service to candidates and clients alike.

Novia将在Temps / Freelancers桌上支持Kellie Millar,作为高级出版招聘顾问。

NoviaKingshott@atwoodtate.co.uk0203 574 4421.


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临时atwood attate

T.he Temps/Freelancers team cover roles across the entire publishing industry including trade and educational, Academic, Science as well as professional and B2B, digital and print. They also cover administration, finance, HR, marketing, and sales.

T.he team are:

Kellie Millar(Temps/Freelancers Manager)kelliemillar@德赢官网atwoodtate.co.uk.

Novia Kingshott(Senior Recruitment Consultant)NoviaKingshott@atwoodtate.co.uk

Anna Slevin(Temps/Freelancers Administrator)AnnaSlevin@德赢官网atwoodTate.co.uk.

Anna is a former Atwood Tate temp herself and had a few admin placements in Accounts Payable and Publications Teams. As she can testify temps are paid weekly on Fridays and receive holiday pay which goes into a “pot” they draw from when they go on annual leave. Temps can be paid by hour or have a day rate depending on the job.


How will temping benefit me and is an extension guaranteed?

S.ometimes temps cover a role more senior or more junior than they would typically expect. This could be in a different area to one they have worked in before or one they do because they love what the publisher works on and the job. Temping is great for exploring the industry and various companies.

T.emp roles will often say “extensions possible” this is because roles can be extended for more days and weeks or a contract on the publisher’s payroll could be offered. There are no guarantees but it does happen and you are more than welcome to apply for internal vacancies while working for that publisher which may not be available to the general public.




As a Temp: work hard + submit timesheets + be paid on Fridays = WORK IN PUBLISHING!!!


随着Anna Slevin的贡献


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Welcome to the team Parissa!

我们很高兴地宣布我们有一个惊人的新实习顾问,Parissa Bagheri!!Parissa加入了我们的伦敦办事处,在那里她正在学习绳索,然后成为一项完全成熟的出版招聘顾问。Parissa支持Karine Nicpon编辑在伦敦和家庭县。

Parissa Bagheri

Parissa graduated earlier this year with a Masters with Distinction in English Literature, looking for a role in the publishing industry. Her interests include reading, writing, health and fitness and travel. She is currently readingEverything I know About Love经过Dolly Alderton and her favourite film is Baz Luhrmann’s了不起的盖茨比。Parissa joined Atwood Tate as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant in October 2018 where she works on Editorial roles in London and the Home Counties.


0203 574 4431.

S.ee our见团队页面有关我们所有顾问的更多信息和联系方式。


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行业聚光灯: STM Publishing

欢迎来到阿特伍德泰特系列行业关注的焦点那where we go behind the scenes of each of our recruitment desks to give you the scoop on working with Atwood Tate. This week Clare returns, focusing on roles in STM publishingSTM.word cloud

What does ‘STM’ means in publishing?

STM Publishing指的是学术,S.cientific,T.echnical,medical and professional publishers. In Atwood Tate, we work with a wide range of publishers from academic and scientific publishers, learned societies, open-access publishers and professional bodies to reach out to publishing professionals. The content is often journals or books based, for journals, there are open-access journals and subscription journals.

What will be the academic requirement?


What roles do we work on within STM publishing?

我们从初级到高级的角色工作。从编辑或出版助理,到中级生产编辑或调试编辑;高级管理编辑器或发布操作管理器等。STM Publishing是一个大面积,充满了转移您的专业知识。

Is there good progression in STM Publishing?

STM Publishing快速增长和盛开,所以肯定会有良好的进展。通过使用不同的期刊和学术界组合,您将展现您的网络并获得对STM发布的更广泛了解。目前,许多STM发布商正在扩大和重组,因此肯定会有机会在该领域发展职业生涯。



Keep an eye out for ScholarlySocial @ScholarlySocial which has networking meetings.


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Administrator in the Hot Seat: Anna Slevin

If you could write ‘THE book’ on something, the definitive how-to guide on any subject, which topic would you choose?


What three books changed your life?

Tamora Pierce首次测试

Where a girl didn’t have to pretend to be a boy to do what she wanted! (Tamora Pierce started in the eighties and is having a revival at the moment) It didn’t so much change my life as shape it from the start because my mum read it to me when I was about six I think.

T.he Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell


Banana Yoshimoto的厨房

我经常给人们对我只读较长的书或倾斜系列的印象,这并不完全是真的,因为这本书。英国货架翻译中的外国文学量很少是最小的 - 这是犯罪分子。Kitchen是一个日本作者的两位Novellas,这是一个以某种方式在我当地图书馆的英语中的主流。Novellas经常被低估或被低估,不幸的是他们几乎与较多的漫长的平装花费几乎相同。但有些故事应该是一定的长度。有些故事需要某种风格,一定的速度。一些故事是特定的和个人和特定的。但共鸣。我现在积极寻找更短的小说和翻译。

If you were given the chance to have one superpower from any book/comic character, what would you have?

Walking between worlds. It’s something of a theme in Diana Wynne Jones from her nine-lived enchanters with the title Chrestomanci to Howl of the Moving Castle fame (the film is very different! In the book he’s actually Howell Jenkins from Wales in our world) and inHomeward Bounders在Merlin阴谋中,有多个地球的混乱......

T.he way it can mean so many different things even to one author strikes me as something special. It normally makes the character appreciate the world they come from or find one they prefer! I like the idea of seeing how different societies function and being able to choose for myself, much like a good book…

Bonus Question

Who would you invite (and why) to your fantasy literary dinner party?

T.here’s a saying: “never meet your heroes” and a lot of the best characters can be very obnoxious… I’m actually reading不朽的晚餐at the moment with Keats and Wordsworth in appearance but Wordsworth sounds like a very difficult guest at times!

Do you invite characters or authors? What would they eat? Does Bob Dylan count, having won the Nobel Prize? If this is a fantasy literary dinner party I would invite my dad and Bob Dylan to talk to each other because my dad would love that, and William Morris; I would invite my mum and Margaret Drabble because she introduced me to her, and Eric Hobsbawm; and I would quietly slip out the back door and ask my parents about it later as an after-party. I don’t know who would be making the food. My parents introduced me to literature for which I can never thank them enough so I think I’d rather they get the opportunity and I know I would have no regrets, facilitation being the better part of valour.


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Oxford Publishing Society: 21st Century Publishing Careers

On Thursday we attended theopEvent Careers in 21st century publishing at牛津布鲁克斯大学。T.he event featured three speakers from a wide range of companies who talked through their own specific work experience path. The event aimed to answer questions on the ease of progressing and moving around in publishing, what key elements are needed to build your career and the possibility of finding success outside traditional publishing companies.

Faye & Alison and Oxford Publishing Society

Ian Campsall那Product Manager for The Science Direct Article Page atelewsvier.

伊恩完成了牛津布鲁克斯马,因为他想改变职业。他在John Wiley完成了实习,然后在Wiley申请了数字出版社执行情况,他随后搬进了移动平台的产品管理。vwin官网他现在正在为elestvier开展科学直接文章页面的产品管理。

Aaron O'Dowling-Keane,销售和营销经理S.herlock: The Game is Now

Aaron also studied the MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes and completed internships at OUP and the International Labour Office in Geneva. Her first role in publishing was for a small African Publisher in Oxford, she then moved away from publishing into crowdfunding, then story led interactive games and is now a Sales and Marketing Manager for a Sherlock themed escape room.

Saskia Watts.那marketing Specialist,Vitalsource(Ingram)

After completing her MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes, Saskia worked for Lightening Source as a marketing coordinator and she is now a marketing specialist for Ingram Vital Source.

Here are some interesting tips from the evening:
• Take risks
• Technology is everything and digital skills are important
• Organisation is key
• Soft skills are vital
• Feedback is a good thing, use constructive feedback to improve
• Be curious and talk to everyone, get to know people from different places
• Try everything and do everything, volunteer at university events, join societies like OPuS, SYP

Useful links:


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你还记得我们的文章吗?B2B reporters? Today we will look at a specific category of journalists: Market Reporters!


market reporters (or Pricing/Price Reporters) are journalists with distinct duties. They assess commodities prices and write market commentaries and news on specific markets.

Commodities are substances or products that can be traded. Single commodities markets include metals (gold, zinc, steel), energy (fuel oil, natural gas) or agriculture (rice, wheat, corn).

market reporters talk to trader and investors to establish a list of prices, either on a daily or weekly basis. They also need to develop solid relationship with commodity analysts, forecasters, financial planners and company CEOs and expand and maintain this network.

投资者对信息依赖市场记者about what to buy, sell or hold. As their analysis has an impact on the stock market, these journalists can be influential. They need a great deal of diplomacy as well as resilience and communication skills.

T.ypical duties


  • Develop an expertise of their industry, build strong contacts within it and attend relevant conferences, meeting and events
  • Assess prices and write commentaries and news about the industry
  • 在需要参加会议时采访专业人士和旅行
  • Keep up to date and report on foreign markets
  • 有一个良好的数字,并与他们收集的数据一丝不苟


Our clients are open to graduates with the following degrees:

  • Journalism
  • Finance
  • 商业
  • Economics.




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