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With bookshops now starting to reopen, we hope that this is going to be a much needed boost for us all. With evidence showing that阅读书籍在锁定中飙升we are all hoping that this trend will continue and now that people are able to visit bookshops, translate into further increased sales.

According to Nielsen Book’s research, 41% of people said they were reading more books during this period and many have almost doubled the hours they have spent reading per week. There have been stories from parents that have been delighted to see their teenage children grow back in love with reading. Hopefully this trend will continue and those that have found a new love of books will keep on benefitting.

For those of us that arestruggling to readduring these unsettling times, it is worth persevering. Try reading something lighter than you would usually choose if you are finding it harder to concentrate. It is well documented that reading can have many health benefits including reducing stress levels, lowering our blood pressure and helping combat depression. It can also improve our memory and empathy and generally make us feel more positive. This is in addition to the more obvious benefits of increasing our knowledge and challenging our imagination. In these current times the opportunity to have a ready form of entertainment with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in escapism seems even more welcome and valuable.

因此,您是否在锁定期间发现您或多或少地阅读 - 消息清晰 - 通过携带阅读来支持您的福祉和我们的行业!

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A seemingly perfect crime, what can go wrong? A couple honeymooning in paradise find something in the water. Deciding to keep it a secret, they think they are the only ones who know about the discovery. They soon find out that their actions have deadly consequences and someone else knows their secret. A good thriller and the perfect summer book that hooks you in right from the very first page.

At the heart of this gripping read are a trio of brothers, a disappearance and a lack of suspects. Set in the Australian outback, this atmospheric thriller is not one to be missed this summer.


A story of love and war. The Biafran War is told from the perspective of three characters whose lives are interwoven in ways they would not have imagined. This novel is great if you love to immerse yourself in historical fiction with compelling and intelligent characters.

Non-fiction that stirs the desire to make change. Mainly aimed at black women but plenty to take away for everyone. A read that will make you challenge your assumptions and think about `space’ in different contexts and ways.

May not be the typical relaxing holiday reading but worth it! Set post world war ll, a woman with financial inheritance attempts to build economic prosperity in a small community in Australia where her romantic interest lives.




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Love to Read – Valentine’s


Kathryn Flicker, Administrator & Social Media Coordinator


Kathryn would also recommend `Sweet Tooth’ by Ian McEwan. The protagonist Serena Frome is recruited by MI5 to be part of an operation that funds writers whose writing and politics meet the requirements of the government. Serena falls in love with the young writer she is employed to manipulate, leading them both down a road of betrayal.

Helen Speedy, Associate Director

Helen loves reading Georgette Heyer’s novels which are set in the regency period and these all have an element of romance as well as intrigue. Two of Helen’s favourites are `Sprig Muslin’ and `The Corinthian’. In Sprig Muslin, Sir Gareth Ludlow is set to marry Lady Hester Thealer a woman he respects. However, on route to propose to her he sees Amanda Smith, a pretty lady who proves to have a dangerous imagination.

In The Corinthian Sir Richard Wyndham, contemplating his future loveless marriage meets a young and beautiful fugitive, where he offers himself as her protector on her travels. This road leads them into a murder investigation, and then to love.


凯瑟琳推荐你在Trionogy之前的一部分给我的Jojo Moyes读了“仍然是我”,这本书在你离开后拾起了哪里。现在居住在纽约市,Louisa Clark现在已经为全新的篇章做好了准备。试图管理新的冒险,以及她的新的长途关系,路易莎决心使一切都有工作。与纽约高社会混合,然后谈到有人提醒她过去的人,她发现自己在两个世界之间撕裂。有趣,温暖和浪漫,如果你喜欢另外两本书,那么这是一个必须阅读!

Anna Slevin,管理员

Anna enjoys reading Arthurian tales and would recommend `Erec and Enide’ translated into English where the couple are married very early on and have to learn to make it work, is almost a love story told backwards.


Novia Kingshott, Senior Publishing Recruitment Consultant

《荆棘鸟》是一部浪漫小说的细节the lives of the Clearys family. Set in a land unlike no other, rich when nature is good and poor when fallen to drought, and centred around fantastic characters. Meggie is the only daughter and distance drives her from her true love Ralph de Bricassart, although it does not drive away their love for each other.



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阿特伍德泰特书俱乐部: Halloween


安娜斯瓦文那Temps & Freelancers Administrator

绅士和球员由Joanne Harris。

Psychological thriller that really ramps up the tension in an all-boys school, written by a former teacher (ofChocolatfame) with two narrators and two time periods as a former tragedy comes back to haunt the school… Honestly one of the most disconcerting reads as hindsight and ignorance confuse the reader as the disturbing mystery plays out.

The Stuff of Nightmares经过Malorie Blackman


Charlotte Tope, Publishing Recruitment Consultant


它不再打印了,所以你必须做一些搜索来获得第二只手副本,而是一系列由女性写的令人难以忘怀的故事。我建议Black Dog Penelope Lively.You’re going to have to read in-between the lines for this one!!


The Woman in Black经过Susan Hill

The Woman in Black was the first horror book that I read after finishing school, and even though I couldn’t put it down I wanted to because it was so scary! I only read it at night time which was probably a bad idea and when the film came out I convinced my friends to try reading it before watching it in the Cinema. If you’re looking for a chilling read I would recommend the Woman in Black.

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Administrator in the Hot Seat: Cheryl O’garro

  • Who would you invite (and why) to your fantasy literary dinner party?

梅格卡伯特一直是我最喜欢的作者之一的罪ce my teens, so she is non-negotiable. Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Jane Austen because their ear for wit, satire and the human condition is just fantastic. I think if the three of them got together, the resulting literary effort would be a masterpiece. I’m just there for the great company!

  • If you could have written any book that exists now, which would it be?

你有多长时间?!在我脑顶的顶部,我不得不说哈利波特(因为明显的原因)或北极光(他的黑暗材料三部曲中的第一个。really flow in a way that isn’t often possible outside of fantasy novels. I first read them when I was 7 and 10 respectively, and I would count both among my favourite books.

  • What has been the highlight/s of the past year?

The examiner telling me that my Masters’ thesis on the psycho-social benefits of hyper-engagement (a term I coined describing the adoption of arts consumption as a personality trait) had a strong and original voice and warranted elaboration. Who am I to decline that kind of professional and academic validation?! That is closely followed by my graduation ceremony in January.

  • If you were given the chance to have one superpower from any book/comic character, what would you have?

现在它必须是快速掌握 - 以巨大速度移动的能力将是如此有用,对旅行和完成任务是如此。我仍然有24小时的时间,但可以适合这么多!

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Julie Irigaray, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

The Virgin Suicides由杰弗里的eugenides

The first book I read after having passed the French equivalent of the GCSE (around the age of 15). I was moving to another school and to a higher level, so I suppose I needed to read a book about the changes taking place when one becomes a teenager. This novel deals with dark themes like suicide, sex and obsessional love in such a delicate way and with such a rich language that I couldn’t resist. The mystery surrounding both the main characters and the narrator makes it even more mesmerising.

安娜斯瓦文那Temps & Freelancers Administrator



克莱尔L.aw, Managing Director

The Handmaid’s Tale玛格丽特阿特伍德

I did a course at Uni on Canadian Women’s literature and this and her other books had a great impact on my reading both for study and pleasure purposes from that point. I also decided to make a literary nod to her name when I set up Atwood Tate!

Helen Speedy, Associate Director

Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis.白人粉笔圈经过Bertolt Brecht

I can’t remember whether Bertolt Brecht’sDer Kaukasische Kreidekreis.Caucasion粉笔圈)是我的A级设置文本之一或加入,但它仍然是我读过的最具影响力的戏剧之一。我们的文献焦点为德国人死于Gerechtigkeit und Das Gesetz,它转化为正义和法律。当我在学校陷入困境时,面对不公正的叛乱,所以布鲁德,探讨了正义的概念和腐败的倾向,以操纵法律,甚至有利于犯罪,对我来说很吸引人。我最近通过Duerrenmatt重新阅读了我的其他文本,Der Richter und sein HenkerThe Judge and his Hangman)那and would recommend this as a quick and accessible read. It’s a thriller (verging on noir) which delves into this issue of justice and (or versus) the law and I hope you can find it in translation somewhere if you don’t read German.


Noughts and CrossesMalorie Blackman系列

I couldn’t put these books down – they delivered a great message, in a thoughtful way, to a young audience. Such an effortless read!

Faye Jones, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

The Great Gatsby由F.Scott Fitzgerald.

I studied The Great Gatsby for A Level English and become completely immersed in the characters and history behind 1920’s America. Even though the first chapter of the book is difficult to get through, I always recommend The Great Gatsby to anyone who’s looking for a short read and the film is great as well!

Cheryl O’garro, Administrator and Social Media Coordinator

丑闻的学校由Richard Brinsley Sheridan

今年18世纪的讽刺来自爱尔兰剧本Brinsley Sheridan是我的水平集文本之一,从那以后我一直爱着它。戏剧跟随Lady Sneerwell和她的八卦乐队和他们行为的虚伪。这两块情节是惊人的:彼得·德格尔先生和他的新妻子和他们的婚姻问题(其中一半源于社会谣言)和奥利弗表面谁,想要写下他的意志,在各种角色伪装以测试兄弟彼得和查尔斯地表随着社会声称的良好和坏。我拿起了一家皮革绑定的1903年第三版复制来自都柏林的古董书店(他出生的地方),我很高兴我几乎高通向!

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International Women’s Day – Inspirational Female Writers


You may cut me with your eyes,
― Maya Angelou,我仍然升起

― Virginia Woolf,一个人的房间

- CharlotteBrontō,Jane Eyre

- 贝尔钩,remembered rapture: the writer at work

- 玛格丽特阿特伍德,The Handmaid’s Tale

‘Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience.’
― Mary Wollstonecraft,A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

‘There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
― Arundhati Roy

― Audre Lorde

‘We were scared, but our fear was not as strong as our courage.’
― Malala Yousafzai,I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban

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LGBT History Month in Books and Publishing

February isLGBT History Monthin the UK, a month to remember the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people throughout history and to raise awareness of the current position of LGBT people in society. We thought this would be a good time to reflect on and celebrate LGBT authors and those working in publishing.


我是LGBT文学的忠实粉丝,我的大学论文是关于SAPPHO对二十世纪女性诗人的影响 - 安妮卡尔森,她美丽翻译Sappho的碎片;艾米洛厄尔,慢性地被她的相对罗伯特蒙蔽了。Olga Broumas和她与Jane Miller和T. Begley的合作,女性爱和欲望的庆祝活动。

Oscar Wilde, Virginia Woolf, Patrick Ness, Sarah Waters, Rita Mae Brown, Jeanette Winterson, Ali Smith… LGBT writers and texts have helped shape literary history, though many are forgotten, or their sexuality hidden. Many chose not to write explicitly about their sexualities, due to censorship. Today we obviously do not censor LGBT literature, though barriers remain to getting published. Books featuring LGBT characters may be considered more niche and therefore not chosen for publication. As a result, LGBT authors and characters are underrepresented on our bookshelves.

What’s changing in the publishing industry?

出版商正在尝试更改此并使其列表多样化。企鹅随机屋发射Write Now2016年,一项来自社区的未经代理作家,在出版时经历了特殊。这包括来自BAME和LGBT +社区的人。选定的作家被邀请到洞察时期,为一年长的指导计划选择了十个,目的是发布这些作家。

Little Tiger announced today that they will be publishing ashort-story anthology for young adults written by LGBT+ authors。They are now accepting submissions for PROUD from unpublished and un-agented LGBT+ writers.

Last year,Pride in Publishing作为在英国出版业工作的人作为LGBT +的人作为网络推出。他们举行了社区网络赛事和委员会会议,欢迎所有成员参加。

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This has been a great year for trade publishing and we’ve been enjoying reading both new releases and older books we hadn’t quite got round to. Here are our favourites that we’ve read this year!


Lincoln in the Bardo乔治桑德斯(Bloomsbury)林肯在巴德封面



埃莉诺橄榄猫完全没问题经过Gail Honeyman(HarperCollins)埃莉诺橄榄猫盖

This debut was deservedly named WHSmith’sFiction Book of the Year。Eleanor Oliphant is an utterly unique narrator, equal parts irritating and charming, and this story about her learning to engage with the outside world brought me to tears on more than one occasion. It also has the most realistic depiction of a cat I think I’ve ever read!


下颌骨:一个家庭,2029-2047莱昂内尔席克斯(Borough Press)下颌骨覆盖

I love a good dystopian fiction novel and this one didn’t disappoint! Lionel Shriver creates a believable very near future world which is going through major debt crisis (following an earlier crash of the internet). The US refuses to get on board with the new global currency and this leads to huge bankruptcy. We follow a family who were expecting a large inheritance, having to adjust in this new world and Shriver gives us some quirky and likeable characters as well as some awful ones – just like a normal family?!


The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year由Sue Townsend.(Penguin)The Woman who went to Bed for a Year cover

The book I am currently reading is definitely up there with my favourites this year. Sue Townsend retains her place in my heart withThe Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year.令人兴奋的幽灵,这本书闪耀着与我们给予我们阿德里亚鼹鼠的女人的机智,这是一种光明的现代家庭生活。


迷雾法庭和愤怒经过Sarah J Mass(Bloomsbury)雾和愤怒的封面


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International Literacy Day

Today, 8th September, isInternational Literacy Day,联合国成员国观察到国际认识到识字对个人,社区和社会的重要性,并旨在提高世界各地的识字。





我记得读书的第一本书是The Magic Keyseries, which followed Biff, Chip and Kipper, created by Roderick Hunt and published by Oxford University Press. As part of the National Curriculum, a whole generation must have learnt to read, thanks in part toThe Magic Key


I still remember my parents reading the very firstHarry Potter图书to me as a child. It really instilled the joys of reading in me from an early age.

克莱尔Louise Kemp

I don’t remember learning to read, but some of the first books I remember loving were books by Beatrix Potter and theMr Men图书。

Helen Speedy

我爱了这一点Usborne巫师书籍and the乌斯德巫婆书。当我现在看着他们时,斯蒂芬卡特的插图带我回到童年时,我很高兴看到他们还在打印,即使它呈略有不同的格式。我也常常花时间看Usborne First Thousand Words试图发现每个图片的小鸭子。我的Mum, a German teacher, also bought us a copy of this in German in the hope we’d also become linguists…


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